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January 2017

Andhra Food Festival at Spice Jar, The Residency.

It’s time to tickle your taste buds with the best of fiery regional Indian cuisines! Check out some scrumptious food from the spiciest region in the country – Andhra!!

Andhra food fest is being held currently at Spice Jar, The Residency. The 70+ seater done up in bright yellow, had a small hut with a Bullock cart on one corner and a mini pottikadai setting on the other, adding a touch of the ongoing festival. read more

Quick Chop! 

When I moved into my new home after college, the only dish I could cook was instant noodles, but with plenty of time on my hand, I started following cookery shows and slowly developed a genuine interest in cooking. 

My culinary journey started with pastas and pizzas, and gradually graduated to more complex dishes with ingredients other than just cheese. 

Today, 10 years later, I still love to cook but being a single working mother of twin girls I hardly get any time to cook extravagant dishes, what with all the chopping and blending. This coupled with the paucity of time these days has considerably reduced my cooking time.  read more

Cafe Mercara Express, Itc Grand Chola.

Just when I thought I had tried them all. Cafe Mercara Express comes out with a new menu…

Cafe Mercara Express is a all day Diner at ITC GRAND CHOLA. The first of its kind to collaborate with WWF India to bring forth the concept of “choose wisely”. It aims to raise awareness of the heavy exploitation of endangered fish resourse and to provide consumer with season choices that avoid overexploited spices. read more