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May 2017

BURGERMAN is back!!

A lil into the history: In 2006, burger man made their mark in the city with their burgers which had a unique taste, were easy on the pocket and made available to everyone through the 50 kiosks that opened in the city. Soon they grew and crossed the 100th mark! There was no area in Chennai that did not have a burger man kiosks!  By ’09 a lot of other kiosk were replaced by random burger brand. In 2014, they shut shop.. but that ain’t the end.. someone once said ” it ain’t the ending if everything isnt right” and to do the right they are back! Burgerman is back and how!!

Located on the 4th main road of besant Nagar, very close to the Elliot’s beach, the place is hard to miss. read more

A signature meal at VB SIGNATURE by NVVB.

Hot plate of  butter masala dosa, podi idly, vada with varieties of chutney and piping hot sambar is enough to bring a full grown south Indian man to knees. South Indian cuisine is very distinguish,  VB SIGNATURE takes the cuisine to the next level.

VB is a known brand amongst all Chennaites. VB signature is a premium and contemporary extension of the brand.
Vb signature takes the distinctive South Indian cuisine to next level. Their menu is filled with an array of full-proof fusion delicacies that just can’t go wrong. read more

Mango Madness at Forum Vijaya mall

Yellow! That’s the color of the season. No no not a fashion blog. I’m talking about the color palette on your palate. Mango.. 

Summer is here and the best thing about summer – Mango. Mango is one thing that gets us Indian drooling. Lip smackingly delicious, no wonder it’s considered the King of fruits.
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