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July 2017

Poke it bright and right, just above my heart!!

I’m no fashionista! I suck at posing. I love my tee shirts and simple cotton dresses and I know how to rock them.. my saviors — my pins! My lovely lovely pins!!

“Accessories are the exclamation point of an outfit” tweeted Micheal Kors. And I totally agree with him!! Accessories are the icing on top of the outfit cake!! And my pins are the Cherries on top!!

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Hair care at Advance hair studio.

Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off!!

Hair loss! Two words. A nightmare that’s actually coming true. Lately everyone I met complained about hair fall, my own hair was falling like crazy and I wanted a solution. I changed shampoos and conditioners and oils and tried a number of remedies and what not but Alas.. 
On my dermatologist’s suggestion I booked an appointment for consultation at advance hair studio. I got in on a Friday noon for Advance hair check. read more

The illicit happiness of other people – Manu Joseph.

Ousep Chacko, according to Mariamma Chacko, is the kind of man who has to be killed at the end of a story. But he knows that she is not very sure about this sometimes, especially in the mornings. He sits at his desk, as usual, studying a large pile of cartoons, trying to solve the only mystery that matters to her”

That’s a solid opening to this tale. Couldn’t have expected for a better opening. This mystery that rattled the Chacko family, soon pulls us along, making this book unputdownable!

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Get stuffed at The Right Place, The Residency.

Parantha. Paratha. Parauntha, Parota, barotta. No matter how you say it, paranthas have been an Indian breakfast staple since like, forever. They’re called Palata in Burma and farata in the Maldives. But all of us can proudly puff out our chests and say that paranthas actually originated from the Indian Subcontinent. They have conquered our hearts, taste buds & lunch boxes. They are the cheat codes our mums used to make us eat all the veggies we wouldn’t have any other way. Be it with butter, curd, pickle or plain, paranthas are just awesome.

There definitely is nothing like a freshly made paratha from the tawa straight onto your plate with a knob of butter!
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