Born with the gift of gab and the ability to observe, adapt and blend really fast. I chose to study Psychology, knowing that I had it in me to master the art of understanding people and their patterns. This carried me on to do Masters in Criminology.
Being a people’s person, got me into PR and I love what I do. Immersing myself in what I love to do and actively seeking experience keeps me going.
A broken relationship left me shattered and emotionally dead. It took me years to gather myself. Currently taking one step at a time and heading towards my goals.
I love my food and eat out a LOT. I seldom cook but when I do, it’s a feast! I vlog about food and restaurants on YouTube along with a fellow foodie! I keep fit by cycling. I love reading and to me heaven is curling up with a book with some retro playing on the back ground.
So you may catch me writing about psychology, my life, relationships, food, books, cycling, bullets(yes I ride), about what I do and just about anything and everything!
See the world through my eyes..
For collaborations, contact me at : Sammienatorr@gmail.com

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