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A gaze that changed my Life..

Three months after we met, he proposed and I said yes. I was a tomboyish 20 year old and he a handsome 29 year old, who reminded me of my late pa. I said yes. I thought our kids would look like my pa. Soon he proposed I wear abaya as I was his and his alone and I agreed. It seemed so romantic at that time.

We married, it was lovely or that’s what I thought it was.. He was short tempered and would snap at me for smallest of things. I started turning timid and very clumsy. The violence rushed in within weeks of marriage. For little or no reason he would lash at me and soon I started believing it was because of the way I do things. He made me believe I was wrong. And I believed it. read more

Taste of dark – Inspirational.

Losing eyesight, that’s one fear I bet everyone has. I do, infact it’s one of my biggest fears. I always wondered what if it happens to me. It’s one thing to not be able to see the beauty of life but to survive in today’s fast world without eyesight, well we can only wonder.. and thank God for that.

It’s a different thing to wonder out loud but to experience it first hand, now that’s something.
Dialogue in the dark is a part of ACE experiences. ACE’s business mission is to educate people on socially relevant themes using the medium of experiential entertainment.
They use entertainment as a medium for brining about a social change. Their mission is to bring one-of-a-kind entertaining and transformational experiences to India. To offer experiences that enable people to appreciate diversity, empathise with others, and develop individual social responsibility. And to develop employment opportunities for the differently abled.
This idea was originally conceptualised in Germany and it was introduced in India by Mr. Krishnan and Mrs. Sudha Krishnan. They opened first in Hyderabad, then went on to start it in Bangalore, Raipur and finally in Chennai. read more