Interviewdesk – At The launch

The biggest asset that companies have are it’s people and that’s why companies spend so much time, money and effort in hiring the best people. To find that one perfect person, they go through hundreds of resumes. Imagine the senario where the companies can look at the 10 good shortlisted candidates instead of wading through 500 resumes. This not only quickens the process but also gives the company a chance to have a indepth conversation with the shortlisted candidates and ask incisive question that truly matters. Well why imagine? 
Interviewdesk – making hiring a piece of cake. 
 Founded by Mr. Pichumani duraisami in order to build India’s Largest Interviewer Community,  Interview desk is India’s first on demand interviewer platform. They work on a unique concept of outsourced interviewing model which helps the organization save 50% of time and cost spent on hiring. To be precise, it is built as a marketplace model where they are working towards the vision of builiding India’s largest interviewing community.

It was launch with much fanfare on the 10th of August 2017 at The Radisson Blu. Starting with a fun quiz, it moved forward with a speech by the man of the hour, Mr pichumani spoke about the company, his ideas and experience.. 
The event was attended by press, bloggers, a few well known names,  read more

Habanero 2.0 – a real Mexican treat!! 

​Habanero, the ultimate destination for Mexican food. Tacos and Nachos are what comes to mind when we think of Mexican food but there is so much more to it. The important pillars of this cuisine are Corn, guacamole, tomatoes, Black beans and Chilly pepper. There are about 100 varieties of chillies, with heat levels ranging from mild to very hot, used in the cuisine. Habanero’s menu is a cheerful mix of authentic Mexican Tex-Mex and the Americanized cuisine. We were in for a treat, read on..

We ordered classic margarita for drinks and they were made to perfection. read more

Something New in Five Senses, Westin! 

Five senses has a droolicious, uber fresh, brand new menu.. We were already in love with the awesome menu at 5 senses now it’s even better and bigger and wow! 

The vibes: Very calming, soothing, perfect if you are looking to take a loved one or the family for a quite dinner. Done up in subtle tones of brown and beige with a hint of red, the place works Elegance. The pillar housing hundreds of mini golden Buddhas, the bird cages, the Japanese or Chinese(I don’t know which one)writing on wall, the lovely wooden mesh, the soft tinted mirrors on the wall, all come together to paint a lovely picture. The table is set brilliantly complete with tiny tea cup, chopsticks, et.. The place is classy yet very comforting and oh so soothing. The plating and presentation deserves a special mention. read more

The Rise of Sivagami: Book 1 by Anand Neelakantan.

With Bahubali still running  in theaters and the awesomeness of the movie and characters still fresh in my memory, when I walked into Starmark to find a book on Sivagami, I was Uber thrilled! If you are the kind that did not watch Game of Thrones till they aired season 5 then took a week off to watch all the seasons at one go, you’d know the feeling of bliss! No? Ok that was just me. Anyway, I picked the first copy, rushed home and drank it in completely and by the morning I was done with the book.

The Rise of Sivagami (book1) by Anand Neelakantan. read more

Me, my books and I

You know it’s true love, when you bury your nose deep and take in the beautiful aroma emerging from the book, right in front of all those strangers in the book shop. That’s a whole diff level of getting high and boy, what a high! 

I had reading difficulty till the age of 8, I could read  n write the words that we were taught by repeating like a tape recorder at school but other wise I couldn’t spell a new word.  read more

Jackie Chan in Chennai, Oppa Teppan Style!! 

Teppanyaki is a special cooking style in Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food that can range from meat, seafood to vegetables. (Teppan means iron plate in English, and yaki means broiled, grilled, or pan-fried.) 

Modern teppanyaki grills are typically propane-heated flat surface grills and are widely used to cook food in front of guests at restaurants. read more

Weekend brunch : The Melting Pot: Market Cafe, Intercontinental, Chennai

Brunch is one of my favorite things in this life. Scratch that, it’s a necessity. To me, it’s right up there with air, water, and shelter. Okay, kidding. But seriously, any brunch lovers in the building?! If you’re a brunch lover like me, then you can probably second the fact that there’s not much better than a delicious meal with someone or people you love to either get the weekend kicked off or to wind down your weekend.

If you’re located in Chennai(or even if you aren’t), the brunch at Intercontinental Chennai is one of those places that is completely worth the trip. I’d been trying to hit The Melting Pot: Market Cafe for months (yes, seriously), but for some reason or another it has never worked out. Finally when I was invited to a bloggers meet, organized by Passing Ports, I was thrilled!! read more

​Good old classics at ID..

I remember the taste of the mango murabba that Gramma used to make, though it’s been 2 decades since I last tasted it.. that’s how taste and memories are linked together. One whiff of murabba and I’m mentally teleported​ to gramma’s kitchen..

ID in collaboration with Rakesh Raghunathan of Puliyogare Travels brings forth a very special food festival to showcase some of the traditional dishes lost in time. What was tried and loved, a brief, read more

BURGERMAN is back!!

A lil into the history: In 2006, burger man made their mark in the city with their burgers which had a unique taste, were easy on the pocket and made available to everyone through the 50 kiosks that opened in the city. Soon they grew and crossed the 100th mark! There was no area in Chennai that did not have a burger man kiosks!  By ’09 a lot of other kiosk were replaced by random burger brand. In 2014, they shut shop.. but that ain’t the end.. someone once said ” it ain’t the ending if everything isnt right” and to do the right they are back! Burgerman is back and how!!

Located on the 4th main road of besant Nagar, very close to the Elliot’s beach, the place is hard to miss. read more